Liquidation of assets

services-imageAs for the staff of the firm, you will be informed regularly on the scope of legal and conventional rules related to pension obligations (Social Security, Social Works) and union of the company regarding its staff.

We list below the tasks carried out:

  • Registration of high hiring new staff and, if applicable, proceedings before the ANSeS in order to obtain the CUIL the new employee.
  • Registration casualties employees who desvincularen Company, and preparation and submission of the Affidavit before the AFIP-DGI, and the Certificate of termination of service before the ANSeS.
  • Monthly liquidation of assets of the endowment of the company and bank payroll deposit with legally carried the Special Book (Law 20744).
  • Preparation of the monthly Social Affidavit to submit to the SIJP, Trade Organizations applicable, and ART charges.
  • Assist staff with their relationships to the Social Work, National Administration of Social Security and unions.
  • We will for company presentations affidavits and inherent paperwork, fulfilling the obligations incumbent upon it in its capacity as employer.