Legal services

services-imageThe study has specialists in Commercial Law, Labor Law, Civil and Administrative Law , for that reason, all cases of the aforementioned areas of law that affect our customers will be included in the service and will be attended by specialists. Within the specified izing principle, the study has specialized professionals in the care of high – tecnologĂ­a.Por other hand, the reality of our country shows that resolve a conflict in legal proceedings, either as plaintiff or defendant, it involves a cost time and money that often significantly reduces the benefit that can be obtained with the ruling sought. We therefore consider convenient, avoid reaching the courts -as far the possibilities of each case , and seek to resolve conflicts through negotiation, counting our study with specially trained human resources for that.
Also part the legal service consists of the analysis, development, control and drafting of contracts involving our customers, and eventually assist personally in negotiations with its co-contractors where necessary.

In all subjects that make the business activity, according to customer needs, the items below will be addressed enunciate:

  • Inquiries: Will evacuated all queries made either by telephone, fax, e-mail or in person, pertaining to the activity of the company, in the field of Civil, Commercial, Administrative and Labor.
  • Contracts: All contracts related to business management will be drawn up , as well as the contracts proposed by the co-contracting with the customer to conduct business and make modifications to its best legal safeguards will be proposed will be discussed.
  • Corporate aspects: It will be at our expense necessary for the fulfillment of the formal precautions established by Law 19,550 (Corporations Law) through the making of Acts of Assembly and Board of the company advice, and carried legally the corporate books.
  • Extrajudicial Managements: We’ll take care of extrajudicial efforts aimed at the resolution of extrajudicial efforts aimed at solving business problems, we are entrusted, either with other companies or with your employees or agencies or state entities as the Ministry of Economy, Labor and other government departments.
  • Judicial Sponsorship: For whatever required, we will assume sponsorship and / or legal representation of our clients in processes intervene as plaintiff or defendant, in the Civil charters, commercial, labor and / or Administrative.
  • Trademark and Patent Laws: The study has specialized professionals in trademark registration and / or patents. We advise our customers in the selection, registration and protection of rights arising from intellectual property, representing them before the National Institute of Industrial Property, as well as with the Register of Copyrights, in obtaining certificates and documents that protect and prove its intellectual and industrial property.